Friday, November 2, 2007

gdansk for the memories

I recently found what may be the world’s first, and perhaps only, blog in the Kaszubian language. It's called Czëtnica. Kaszubian (along with Czech, Slovak, Pannonian Rusyn, Lachian, Polish, Silesian, Slovincian, Polabian, and (Upper and Lower) Sorbian) is a West Slavic language. I first learned about Kaszubian reading the Tin Drum. And, of course, there is a Kaszubian version of Wikipedia (Wikipediô).

[Addendum: It seems I was all wrong about Czëtnica. It isn’t really a blog, even though it uses WordPress software. Thanks to Mihoł for setting me straight. It’s a vortal for literature, both Kaszubian and worldwide. He suggested a couple of other Kaszubian sites, Kaszëbskô Wëdowiédnô Starna and formæ formarum. which really are blogs in spite of their using CMS software. Now I guess I have no excuse but to learn Kaszubian.]

I note that there’s a German Minority (Mniejszość Niemiecka) party in Poland. I wonder if there’s a Silesian dialect of German that’s still spoken there? There is a German-language newspaper in Silesia: Schlesisches Wochenblatt.

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Blogger Michôł said...

Czëtnica isn't the first and certainly not the only Kashubian blog. Actually it's not even a blog, although it uses Wordpress engine to show the content. Czëtnica (which means "Library") it's a vortal (I hope we can call it like that) about literature (both Kashubian and world one). The other blogs, that are worth mentioning are: and (it uses CMS system, but in fact it's a blog).

December 1, 2007 at 11:05 AM  

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