Sunday, April 14, 2013

starting over again

Has it really been one and a half years since my last post? I guess so. After a six-month leave of absence, I have a new job at a shiny new startup where I’m learning a bunch of new-to-me technology: big data (in the cloud), analytics, search, Clojure, git, dependency injection, &c.

I am learning and getting to like Eclipse and Maven. The former is ironic, since I used to be part of the Netbeans team at the now-defunct Sun Microsystems. I remember how many of the engineers used Eclipse, because it was better-featured than Netbeans. Before Netbeans I experimented with JDeveloper mainly because I was teaching Java to Oracle DBAs, but basically I liked writing code using jEdit and building it with Ant.

I have also managed to resurrect a copy of my first blog, Uncle Jazzbeau’s Gallimaufrey, It’s far from perfect (e.g., all the CGI is offline), but the prose and comments are there for all to see. Was it really ten years ago I started blogging? The first version of this blog was hosted on one of my office machines, but it has since migrated to the cloud, running from some anonymous Google server.