Thursday, August 30, 2007

coinkydinkies tween the blogosphere and meatspace

A while back, via the intertwingularity that is the very webbic essence of the blogosphere (probably, no doubt, via my good blogging buddy, Mr BaliHai of Eye of the Goof) I discovered Karl Esklund’s late-WW2 mémoir, My Chinese Wife. I saw a scan of the dust jacket, vide infra, which grabbed me by the lapels and said: go thou to Abebooks and buy this book, wait, and read it. Which I did. Had been waiting. After which I have done.

My Chinese Wife (partial)

Karl Esklund [1918–1972] leaves Denmark as a young man and travels to Shanghai where his dad is working as a dentist. He decides to make a living as a journalist, and soon falls for a Chinese woman, Fei Chi-yun [1918–2002], and woos and weds her, much to the chagrin of his father and hers. Adventures include getting out of war-torn Europe, trying to live in Chongqing [then known as Chungking], Chiang Kai-shek’s wartime capital of China. The story ends with Karl and Chi-yun going to Mexico via San Francisco with their newborn girl Mei-mei. The latter seems to have been a model for a Playboy newstand special The Girls of Playboy 2 (1974).



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hmm, I'm pretty sure I had nothing to do with this. Fascinating though!

Btw, I'll be in the Bay Area twice yet this year, so let's meet up!

September 2, 2007 at 3:34 PM  
Blogger zmjezhd said...

I think it was somebody in your blogroll or in the blogroll of the group blogging project's you're on these days. Let's do meet up when you're here. Time for some tiki drinks and eats.

September 3, 2007 at 10:18 AM  

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