Tuesday, October 14, 2008

redistribution of wealth

My good friend and ex-coworker, Liz, has a new blog (Suburban Insurgency), and—boy howdy!—is she aggregating (link). I haven’t been blogging much. The combination of work and the political climate have conspired to put me off the whole process. I did watch Ze Frank being interviewed (the other day for me, but back in July for him) by Jesse Thorn on the Sound of Young America (link). Today, stuck in sluggish pre-commute traffic, heading north on 880, I just found the whole rhetorical atmosphere of this fortnight and a half before the US presidential election too much to endure. Some pundit was blaming the current deregulatory mess on Carter. Main Street USA™ was whining en masse about golden parachutes and the greed of capitalism. Imagine that, who’d’ve thought, capitalists are not altruistic poet-philosophers. Bailout, financial rescue, terrorist pals, troopergate, etc. I can’t wait for it to be over.



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