Sunday, June 24, 2007

old-fogeyish doubts

From Danny Postel’s interview with Richard Rorty [1931–2007] in The Progressive:

D[anny] P[ostel]: Would it be fair to say that you’ve moved a bit to the left over the past few years?

R[ichard] R[orty]: I’m not aware of having moved to the left, and am curious as to why I might seem to have done so. When I heard the news about the Twin Towers my first thought was “Oh, God. Bush will use this the way Hitler used the Reichstag fire.” I have never thought of the Republicans at any time since Reagan’s election as more than greedy, unscrupulous scoundrels. In regard to the “war on terror” I have described the same trajectory as a lot of other leftists: in favor of the war against the Taliban in Afghanistan and against invading Iraq. In regard to domestic policy, I am still in favor of soaking the rich and redistributing the money to the workers (though not of nationalizing the means of production). On “cultural” matters, there was a time when I had old-fogeyish doubts about gay and lesbian marriage that I no longer have. But that doesn’t seem much of shift.

[via Ron Silliman’s blog]


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